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【LOCAL CONNECT】Brush Up Studio LIVE!Special Interview






A five-person rock band from Nagaokakyo, Kyoto. Formed a predecessor band in high school. On February 20, 2015, renamed LOCAL CONNECT with the current drummer Natsuki. It is active nationwide, valuing the connection between people.

Superb harmony of twin vocals woven by ISATO, a transparent high-tone voice with transparency, and Daiki, who emits a muddy heat.

A melody that shines among the most orthodox rock bands. A sound that is both beautiful and powerful where sprint and transparency coexist.



Q.Could you tell us how the band was formed?

The front four of us here

were originally in a band together

when were classmates in high school.

It was as classmates

that we formed our previous band

But around the time we changed our name

we ended up without a drummer.

So as we were wondering if we knew anyone

if there was anyone around that we could rely on

we called out to Natsuki who was our junior

And the band known as LOCAL CONNECT was born.

Q.Please tell me the personality of each member.

Something I really like about him is that he's reckless.

He can also be a bit clumsy

but that much hardly matters.

The way he recklessly pulls the rest of us members along with him

is something that I really love

so I want to mention it any chance I get.

He holds an attention to detail that I personally don't have.

He's methodical

he notices all sorts of things other people normally don't.

I'm always forgetting things or losing things

and he always tells me off for it like he should.

I've got this impression of him as a real person of action.

Whenever we reach some kind of standstill

he's the one who suggests the first step forward.

I think that's becoming the key to making this band work.

Maki is pure.

He'll eat up anything you say

like he has a strong sense of curiosity

He really gets into what the other members talk about

and considers what they're saying really deeply.

He listens to everyone with such interest

that he himself won't end up speaking.

He has such a deep sense of humanity

and is strongly empathetic

and I'm sure everyone here will agree with me 100%.

Regardless of whether someone is older or younger than him

ISATO will always be friendly and think of their feelings when he speaks to them.

I feel like he's saved me too at a point

and if the members have any worries then ISATO is there to hear us out

and I think that side of him is wonderful.

Q.Tell us about the one-man tour in July.


will be doing a one-man tour meaning solo live shows.

But it's not just that we're doing one-man shows

this independently planned "connect year"

right from the start we've put a lot of care

into planning this all on our own

and so for a pretty long span over 2019

we're starting with a one-man acoustic show

then next we're playing shows in Tokyo and Osaka with another band

and from there we start our one-man tour.

Obviously we have our original fans

But I'm sure that there are plenty of other

people who now know about us through them.

People who learn about us from our one-man shows

and get curious about us as well

especially since we're doing one-man shows for such a long stretch of time

and it's turning into this "connect year 2019" compilation

even if it's just one more person

we absolutely want them to come along to this one-man tour.

We're doing 4 main spots across the country

but we want to put everything into these shows

so please please come and experience a LOCAL CONNECT

live show for yourself on this one-man tour.

I'd like to introduce our new song.

This is the first new song we've released in 2019

so with that please listen: "Hands".

released our digital single

Underground/Sailing on the the 6th of May.

As for why we opted to release

it as a digital single

I'd like Natsuki to talk

about that a bit more

At a fundamental level

We've decided for 2019

that we in LOCAL CONNECT

want to do all things

we've always wanted try

so of those things we want to do

a digital single release was one of them.

This applies to our song Hands that

we released in February too

but to try to just go

with the source sound

without making discs

and to see just how much

of a reaction that has

as well as because

we wanted to use a digital release

to reach people all across

the country as soon as possible

we opted to try for a direct

source sound digital single release.

This is that knack for action

we were talking about last week.

Q.Tell us about Underground Sailing

With Underground Sailing

we've released two songs


what was writing these songs like?

The point of traffic of these two songs

I accidentally said traffic cots

Let me have another take

at talking about recording these two songs

With Underground Sailing

we've released two songs

what kind of songs did they turn out as?

The common kyotsu point

between these two songs

Is that they're both

about the strength to move forward

For Underground

I think there are often times where

you try and try with all you have

and still can't reach

what you're after

but it's nice to think that

without feeling broken by that

taking another step forward will give

youthe strength you need to keep moving.

I wrote the lyrics right

in line with that train of thought.

Sailing is a song I wrote

together with Natsuki

It was the first time

we wrote together hey?

It's the first song

we've written together

we secluded ourselves in the same room

and wrote the song like

how about that?

and like this!

As for the lyrics

Daiki is listed in the credits

for the lyrics on this one

But I just put into words

the kind of vibe and contents

that I thought Natsuki wanted

to make the song about

so in writing the lyrics

and in it being the first song

we've made together

it's like a wedding

it's turned into a real

auspicious song.

That sounds so dumb.

But it's so fun to perform live

It's a song you can

imagine being performed hey.

Rather than it being feeling filled

I think it's like

the kind of song

where you can take those gloomy

feelings within yourself

and let them all out at once at the live show.

So please come along to a show

and let's all go yeah yeah woh woh together.

Hope to see you there.

Q.Please give us a behind the scenes story of the recording.

Behind the scenes story?


Surely there's a good one.

At the spot where we record

there's VR hooked up in the space

where we sort of take breaks.

When ISATO was recording

we told him to put

it on and record

as if he’s performing at Tokyo Dome

then we took a picture of

him looking like that

and Shuma put a comment on it

and uploaded it to Twitter

like that's the only real memory

I have of VR

being related to the recording?

Everyone was playing video games.

Next thing I knew

they'd brought it into the vocal booth

after all when you're singing

when you're recording

what you're imagining is

the most important thing right?

What kind of form I’m singing in

whether that’s imagining a live show

or playing at a festival

I was able to see it very clearly.

I recommend VR.

I was able to imagine

everything really richly

and record this song

so that was really great.

Not to be abrupt

but we'd like you to listen to a song

from that digital single

we released on May 6th

so without further ado here's

Underground from LOCAL CONNECT.

We've already spoken about Underground and Sailingbut this time we'd like to talk about their music videos.Q. Tell us about the Underground and Sailing music videos

First let's start with the video for Underground.

What kind of work did it end up becoming?Isn't the scenery just gorgeous?We had this image of soaring out

from a dark place

and we found a location that was like

it had been reproduced as is from that image

and on the day of shooting

the weather really came out for us.

Came out for us?

We were blessed yeah.

What does 'the weather came out for us' mean?

Your dumbass is showing.

Again I thought that we might

be a band where being outside suits us.

We've had a lot of music videos

where we've been indoors up until now

I thought it was great that this one

turned out in line

with the feelings we had when we wrote the song.

Yeah that's wonderful.

Speaking as someone who wrote the song

it really matched the image we had in mind.

It was cold though.

It was coldand the wind was rough too.But of course for Undergroundlike

I think there's lots of peoplewho'll watch

it after listening to us talk about it hereI think there are a lot of parts

that really link up with the songso please enjoy.

The video for Sailingwas pretty incredible.

We tried something different for it hey?

What did we try?

Say it yourself.

What we tried for the first timeWas throwing

a free one-man live for fansthat we also filmed

for the music video.Let's get a great group of fans

to come alongand film them all really getting

into the musicthen edit it all together

real nicethat's the vibe we were going for.

Will you challenge that again?

What details do you think we did well?Talk about what we did in your own words.For what we tried for the first time this timewe got all the fans involved in the filming

for Sailingand had everyone have fun

swinging their towels aroundin a way that fit the mood of the songan we ended up with a fun music video.That's the sort of thing we tried to challenge.

Up until nowpeople swinging their

towels to our musicisn't something we've had.You remember the way it looked?It was crazy.

We did it so many timesspeaking as a kind of

behind the scenes storyoriginally we did

Sailing twiceand thought that if we did it

one more timewe could get a really

great take of itSo for the encore

I saidlet's do Sailing one more timeand it was just so funI want to do it again.

In the end we heard from the people operating

the cameras that the third time was the craziestlike everyone had broken their limitswhich was lovely praise to receive.

We haven't really broken any limitsbut that image of us enjoying ourselves

from the bottom of our heartsreally matches the song.Everyone please check out the music video for Sailing.

With that time for the song we'll introduce you to this week.

We'd like you to giveour ballad track a listen.So without further adohere's Futari from LOCAL CONNECT.

Q.How do you pass the time before your live shows?

So this time

we'll go from the topic of what we do before our live shows

like the ways we spend our time before shows

but the main thing that comes to mind when we're asked this

is that myself and Natsuki are probably the only ones

who really pay any mind to this.

Yeah probably.

We're probably the ones who care about this the most

and the way that Natsuki spends this time.

Recently for half a year or so

I've been going through like radio exercises.

I relax my body

also I get nervous

so I try not to focus on that.

It's not like the show is starting now

or like how was this song

more that so I can basically distract myself from a number of things

and not pay attention to them

I kill time by looking at my phone or reading manga.

That's something that really differs from person to person hey?

Conversely I'm different to Natsuki

in that before the show I totally focus on it.

I totally enter my own world

and make a huddle with everyone.

There I can sort of let loose a bit

and when we're getting fired up there

there may be someone thinking about like

how the mic stand has fallen over or whatever

but it's exactly because there's that dynamic that

I'm the opposite of Natsuki

and am the type that focuses on the show beforehand

Because I'm singing the songs

I want everyone to join me in more than just one

but there was talk about how these are really effective

so more than just before the live on the stage in rehearsals

while thinking about just how much I can loosen up my body

I take a lot of care to go through stretches.

I jump a lot

and thoroughly stretch until I'm dripping in sweat

and just spend this time exercising

this is especially because I'm the band's vocalist

so if there are any vocalists out there listening

I think you should definitely give this a shot.

Q.What about the fun times and the hardships you've faced as a band?

How do you feel Shuma?

I'm weak mentally

so as hard times and fun times come half and half

to make those hard times half as rough

and those fun times twice as fun like

I think it's incredible how everyone can

work together to make that happen.

So for Maki.

For the happy things of course

there are all kinds of bands involved

so it's not just about going on tour and going to different places

but being able to get close and make friends with those people

there are more happy things than hardships.

For rough times there's the production periods

or finding the rhythm between band life and daily life

but that's about it.

There aren't really any hardships being in this band.

It's really just the scheduling

that can be a bit rough physically.

Talking about songwriting

basically Daiki's the main songwriter

but recently

with everyone involved

it's fun when everyone does it together.

Everyone brings their own qualities and flavors to it

and we can do it while thinking it through

so in doing so together we can pour ourselves into each of our songs

which I think makes it really worthwhile.

No matter what we do

there's always going to be great times and hard times

But I'm really happy we're in a place right now where there are

so many more happy moments.

Q.Tell us your goals for the band.

I would love to tell everyone listening all about

that goal of LOCAL CONNECT as a band.

In no uncertain terms our goal

is a one-man live show at Osaka-Jo Hall.

It's a bit of a big goal

and it's not somewhere we can reach just yet

but certainly to stand on that stage is an aspiration we hold.

We want all kinds of people to hear us.

I'd say we're the kind of band

that really suits a large stage

so to make that reality a certainty

I want to take steady steps from the small things

to progress towards that reality.

Everyone we're counting on your support.

It feels lonely to say so but this is our last week here.

Therefore this is our last song introduction

so for this final song

this is likely the one we've been doing the longest.

It's a really important song to us

as we as LOCAL CONNECT have been

singing this song for so so long

so we'd like to close out by having you all listen to that song.

Thank you everyone.

So with that please listen to this last song

Cosmo Loop by LOCAL CONNECT.



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